Words For The Weekend (Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines) Volume VI


  1. I absolutely love your Words for the Week-end. Just reading your melodius introduction immediately set the stage for a comfy chair and a cup of tea (heck, who am I kidding–I need something stronger than that in the morning!). I’m so glad we “met” yesterday and am looking forward to reading more–20 minutes in and I’m hooked.


    1. So glad to see you here! Thank you. Oh, I hear ya, I need a caffeine infusion most mornings. This series originated over at my first blog (from which I’m replying), but recently moved it over here because so many of us loved it so much. I’m really proud and excited about the new place, so I appreciate you being here. I have a pic of one of my girls, Spot, here… it’s from a while ago and she has since successfully battled cancer and gone through chemo, but I think it captures her carefree essence. She would love Cleve 🙂

      Thanks again for being here. So glad we met via Victoria!


      1. Well there you have it…me crying on a TUESDAY afternoon of all things. I’m so glad that Spot recovered and their to keep her mama happy and content. I’m love with her already! So glad that I asked Cleve to guest write for me–this new little friendship was destined to be. Thank you so much for sharing–I’m already a huge fan!


        1. Oh you have no idea, my dear. Lots of fate and synchronicity involved here. I took a leap of fate and posted my photo after seeing Victoria’s post (it’s called This Face of Alcoholism, and it’s up on the main page of RoS). I have a feeling this is all part of lessons learned from Victoria and her willingness to lean into vulnerability–it was in her comments that I saw you and felt compelled to click over and say hi. She is inspiring so much positivity–I love it. And she’ll love your comment too.

          I’m sorry to have made you cry! Usually I’m much sunnier, that was just such a good pic of my little girl (all my kids have four legs).

          Tuesdays are still my least favorite day. BUT. I got to “know” YOU on a Tuesday. And that’s a pretty awesome deal. So glad!

          Talk soon, I’ll be stalking your blog this week! Love your style and your spirit,


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