Walking on a blood red moon

I don’t know how he does it, but–wow, just wow–Cayman Thorn really worked his magic to bring Dave alive in this latest saga of our apocalypse travelers.

You may remember last week I shared “her” side as Sam, and now this week, Cayman brings “his” side as Dave, over on Cayman’s blog “Drinks Well With Others.”

Here’s just a taste of Cayman’s masterpiece:

“Every step I take is both crooked and precise-as the yin of a tortured earth yields to the yang of a blood red moon. The modern empire has stolen back to the age of antiquity. We’re a science project, all over again. Satellite guided maps have given way to sun readings while laws have gone the way of Garibaldi.”

So click on the “read more” below for the full piece, and while you’re there, hit the “follow” button because Cayman is one of the nicest, quirkiest, coolest, talentedest (yes, Spellchecker, I know it’s not a word) hidden-gems you’ll ever have the pleasure of discovering on WordPress.

Until we see you again, Sam & Dave (aka Christy and Cayman)


If you were expecting Sunday Morning Coffee Love, consider this the zombie apocalypse version. It follows on the heels of this electric piece of sexy goodness that brought us up to speed on Sam’s journey last weekend. My man Dave’s journal entries ended up running longer than a postseason baseball game, so don’t feel obliged to scroll for my sake. Tweet it, share it, let Bill Murray know about it? Sure, why not. 

While it would’ve been nice to throw a ‘read more’ tag into the mix, the ghosts in WP’s machine don’t much care for me.  Rather than apologize, I’ll just blame some other peeps instead.

I’ve gotta start with Jennie, who created an amazing character that helped bring mine to life. Without Sam, my Dave is just another guy who was watering his lawn at the end of the world. And then there’s Michelle, who can edit AND write!…

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