The Long Way Home Into the Mystic (& big announcement)

Have you been following our End of Days, Love in the time of Apocalypse, Sam & Dave, End of the World series?

As you can tell, we never could quite figure out what to name our series. But we have exciting news! Not only do we have a name . . .  we have a home!

We began it here early last year as a themed volume to celebrate our love of The Walking Dead. But as stories often do, it began to grow and take on a life of its own. We had no way to know that our little flame would grow into a raging bonfire complete with friends gathered round to share in its glow and help fuel the fire. And what a lovely fire it has grown to be.

It’s my pleasure to announce the new home for our series:

The Lovely Fire

Photo by Kim Seng via. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Photo by Kim Seng via. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

We’re busy setting things up, but you’re welcome to drop by for a visit. Be sure to hit the “follow” button or to sign-up for posts by email. That way you’ll be the first to know when a new story is published.

Speaking of new stories . . .

We’ve added two new stories to our series since I last shared “Walking on a Blood Red Moon” by Cayman Thorn a few weeks ago:

Cayman shared an installment from Dave: “The Long Way Home.”

Her smile. It was a miracle of impossible wishes come to life, a crush of mayhem in its galavant. Her eyes were a plunge into the deep end of the universe, tearing apart the darkness in a magical ripple. And when they came together it was in that union where Dave understood what his life meant, what it was always going to mean.

They collapsed into each other, an embrace that filled them with the wanting of forever. Each time they touched, it brought Dave back to that kiss in the middle of the street with the heavens pouring down on top of them; the night when their love had introduced its plans to stick around.

(Read more.)

And Michelle explored Rebeccca’s life and character in: “Into the Mystic.”

Dave waxed on about Buddha, but I could tell that his words belonged to someone else—someone decidedly feminine.  I heard his breath hitch when I flung my unruly hair around my head and pretended to strike a tree pose. It was my first attempt at levity after I’d abandoned Jimmy. Dave’s eyes saw me for a moment and then left to find something else.

Who was this woman? A wife? A lover? Whoever she was, she traipsed and hop-scotched through his nightmares. Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing. His lilting words and poetic descriptions of her reminded me of the government chick who had evacuated the CDC offices. Even with her fancy title and government clearance, she possessed the humility of someone who’d give you her world if it made yours better. Despite myself, I was jealous of her long and lean with legs that seemed to snake all the way to her eyeballs. Her laugh was a crescendo of notes accentuated by a look that would command a man to part the sea just to be between her legs. Would I have the chance to be old enough to feel comfortable in my skin?

(Read More.)

I’ll be back here as Sam within the next two weeks. (Sam’s last story was: “Just Another Day: Signs, Memories, and Bob Marleys.”) After that, I imagine we’ll be ready to go full-speed at The Lovely Fire.

Swing by the new construction site (The Lovely Fire) after you read Cayman’s and Michelle’s latest stories. If you forget, you’ll have another chance when Sam drops by Words for the Weekend for her final visit.

And don’t forget, if you’re here for more conventional poetry and literature quotes, we’ve been posting a poem/quote a day over at Words for the Year.



  1. subscribed so fast my OWN head is spinning!
    whoo hooo!

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    1. Yay! I think we hope to have guest storytellers down the line…we’d love for you to write with us sometime. ❤️
      Speaking of writing…I posted the “rejection letter” over on Christy Anna. It’s a trip if you want to read. 🙂

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      1. i didn’t see that…i thought i was subscribed? hmmm..i’ll check it out tomorrow, about to hit the hay.
        excited about new chapters tho….


  2. That’s such a perfect idea! I love that those stories will have their own space!! 🙂

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      Um, I mean, hi. Nice to see you again.
      Oh who am I kidding?

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      1. CHRISTY! CHRISTY! CHRISTY!! I miss you too 🙂

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  3. I meant to ask, how do you attach a musical playlist to your blog? Does it have to be a certain theme? I was playing around with themes for Drinks, and I have like five or six I really like. I want a theme that is flexible, free or premium, doesn’t matter, I just want flexibility.


    1. I’ll check for ya. I think it’s tied to the storage upgrade, but I’m not 100% sure. You’re talking about the coffee house playlist in the footer, right? I know you can easily add video links like I have on Anna, bc they’re external links, no storage required.

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      1. Very, very much appreciated. I’m so clueless. I utilize these things in much the same way a monkey learns to use a typewriter….clumsily and by complete accident.


        1. This should help. But yep, gotta have the upgrade if you plan on uploading your own music MP3 files. (As I do in the footer here.)

          If you want to upload a YouTube or a Spotify playlist to a post or a page, that’s easy too (that’s what I do in individual posts like with the Bob Marley Just Another Day playlist)

          Check out the link and then email me more specifics in what you want to do.

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